International Bureau of Education resources

Educational Practices Series leaflets, published by the International Bureau of Education, are available in full via their website. A number of the leaflets are now also available for loan from the Prep School library.


Seneca homework and revision platform

Seneca is a new (free) homework and revision platform for KS3, (I)GCSE and A Level, devised by academics in the UK, and based on exam board specifications including CIE and Edexcel. Seneca claim that their use of gamification, spaced repetition, active retrieval, and multiple visual representations greatly increase pupils’ retention of information, and feedback from …

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Hinge-point questions Hinge-point questions are diagnostic questions that are used at a particular point in a learning sequence when you need to check if your pupils are ready to move on and in which direction. Typically, hinge-point questions are multiple-choice and include wrong answers (distractors) that challenge common misconceptions. Critically, they are quick to answer and …

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University of Bath MA in International Education

The International School Association of Thailand (ISAT) are hosting University of Bath Masters information sessions at Bangkok Patana on Thursday 6th December from 15:00 - 16:30. The sessions, which are being led by Dr. Paul Denley from the University of Bath and are free to all, will focus primarily on the MA in International Education …

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Lesson ‘hooks’

Learning and information processing are strongly influenced by emotion, and heightened responses to stimuli play an important role in the classroom (Pintrich, 2003). As such, engaging pupils' interest through what is termed 'disruptive pedagogy' (McCauley et al., 2015), be it an emotional trigger, critical question or connection to prior knowledge, can effectively clear the way …

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