Wonderful displays

The Prep School corridors and classrooms are awash with wonderfully colourful displays. Thank you to everyone for creating such an attractive and stimulating learning environment for all. Below are just a small selection of those that caught my eye during our brief learning walk on Wednesday.


Snooker Loopy

A fun starter or revision tool. Template is available here. Pupils work in pairs. Pupil one continues his/her break until they can't answer a question. Pupil two will then take his/her turn. Pupils must pot a red first. Once they have potted a red they must pot a colour. A maximum of two questions per …

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Visit the world’s great museums from your classroom.

The Google Arts and Culture website has been created by the Google Cultural Institute in conjunction with many of the world's greatest museums. Using the site, pupils can examine artworks and cultural treasures in extraordinary detail. There are currently over 4000 museums and famous buildings to explore (including the Natural History Museum in London and …

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